Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

They say a goal not written down is a wish. We decided that we'd each make one big goal rather than a bunch of small resolutions. So here are our goals for 2010:
Ryan-To keep a journal. He's been doing pretty good so far. We can't buy him a journal until he gets his first paycheck so he writes in mine with me.
Skye-To read 100 books. So far I'm on my third this year and Ryan and I are also on our third as a couple.
I'm counting on our family and friends to hold us accountable on January 1st 2011.
Happy 2010!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Year, New Shelf

So I decided that since it is a new year, we would follow Hillary's example of last year and put up a new shelf. Breakdown of last year's reading:
Ryan - 7 books
Skye - 22 books
As a couple - 6 books
I think that's pretty impressive. Ryan told me after we were married that I got him to read again and that he hadn't read a book that wasn't required for school since high school (we're talking late '90s).
Wishing you all the best happy reading for 2010!


So I realized that Ryan and I have posted few pictures that would actually prove that we are in fact in Hawaii. Well here is the proof.
Maybe it will stir that vomit inducing jealousy those in colder climates should be feeling right about now.

Can you believe I still have that shirt?

Ryan removing his flippers after an uneventful spear fishing trip.
Faint tan lines. I couldn't figure out why I just wasn't getting tan very fast. I've been so frustrated because after all, in Mexico or Puerto Rico I'd be pretty dark by now. I was putting on my favorite coconut lotion one day and started reading the back of the lotion bottle when one sentence caught my eye and crushed my world. "Provides natural protection from the sun...."
My curse. I don't know who to blame for this one. Cunningham, Yoder, Eppert, Lofstrom, whoever it is we need to have words. I've always had big hips and thighs. Always. When Ryan left for Missouri my habits changed big time. For three months I had no time to eat, no time to grocery shop, and no desire or time to cook. I lost a lot of weight. In fact, when Ryan came back I weighed less than I did as a senior in high school (yes I know that was only 5 years ago but still). But I still had huge hips. So here I am now, Ryan has been home just over a month and I've started eating again so naturally I have a little more weight on me now than I did a month and a half ago. Still, I weigh 120, have protruding ribs even on my back and my sternum, an obnoxious spine that Ryan and even others have commented on, and at my costume fitting I was told that I had the smallest waist in the cast (other than the children of course). But I still have a big butt, thunder thighs, and huge hips. Told ya, it's a curse!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So I got the email yesterday morning that I was cast as a townsperson. Not too bad considering half the people who auditioned weren't even cast. And The Music Man is one of those shows that has a very strong and involved chorus. We're involved in most of the songs including the fun ones, my personal favorite is the pool table song.
At my callback I read and sang the part of one of the Pick-a-little ladies. At the cast meeting yesterday I realized that all of the girls he cast in those roles seemed to be taller than me and have a bit of a larger stature. At the cast meeting we were asked to stand and introduce ourselves and the part we were playing. I mentioned in my introduction that the last time I was in this play I was 7 or 8 and hiding my hair under a baseball cap to pass as a little boy in the band. They all thought that was pretty funny and congratulated me on the upgrade.
The greatest performance is the one that nobody saw though. Last week I some how managed to injure my right knee and I don't know what I've done all I know is that it hurts really bad. I've been limping around campus, church, and the neighborhood for about five days waiting for it to show signs of improvement (I'm still waiting). Anyway, on Monday I took a deep breath and walked into the callback with a smile on my face and a normal gait despite every excruciating step. No one even suspected. Oh well, those are the things that keep life interesting, to know that you fooled everyone and they didn't even know they were witnessing the greatest acting on stage at the time.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Our neighbor Jerett and I went out Spear Fishing last Saturday and this is what we caught.

The Octopus was 56" across as we were holding it. I'm not sure on the head to tip length though.

We almost got 2 Octopi but the first one inked and then it was gone. A little while later we found a 2nd Octopus and made sure that when it inked we had it pinned down. It put up a good fight but we were the victors in the end. Then we took our catch home and cleaned it. The Octopus has to be put into the freezer for a week to tenderize it and then we will eat it on Saturday. So we will let you know how it tastes.

BATTLE WOUNDS!! seeing as it was the first time I was at the beach for an extended period of time. This was the result.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Hillary and Jake, you now have a contender in the competition "Who lives closest to the church." After I told mom of our plan to buy Ryan a motorcycle and for me to drive the moped she asked how we would get to church if it rains. I laughed and said we never planned on anything but walking to church. As you can see in the photo above, we live rather close. Ryan took the picture from our doorway. Ryan says we have no excuse for ever being late to church.

Mele Kalikimaka

Here are some Christmas pictures I meant to post before we left but I was very busy. Enjoy!

Not my worst audition

So on Friday I decided to audition for the school musical, The Music Man. The last time I was in that play I was seven, playing Shiloh's trumpet, and hiding my hair under a baseball cap to look like a little boy. The first trouble started when I couldn't print off the two music selections I had paid to download. So when I arrived I asked the directors if I could sing unaccompanied which they agreed to. Ryan said I sounded a little shaky on the first couple words of my ballad (Someone to Watch Over Me in the style of Ella Fitzgerald). I thought it sounded good and the music director looked pleased however, the theater director was on his cell phone the whole time. That was a little disappointing to me. I sang about five seconds of my second song before they stopped me and asked me to read for Marian. The woman they had read for Mrs. Peroo just happened to be my new Relief Society president, which was pretty cool. There was also a part amidst the dialogue where I address Winthrop. It was neat because I just looked at some random little boy in the audience when I read those lines and the little boy came up and actually interacted with me. It was cool. The audition was not my worst but I was a little shaky so I didn't have high hopes, but today I learned that I actually have a call back, so we'll see what tomorrow brings. Have a happy Sabbath!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Our New Ride

Yup, Ryan bought me a moped. Well, actually it's our moped until he buys his motorcycle.

Pictures of the apartment coming soon! I try not to post pictures with me in them because I'm so white!