Thursday, September 11, 2008

Road Trip

So we started our trek out west which started with North Carolina and Lily's blessing and visiting Grandma Peggy.

some of the signs we saw along the way


We saw a random bat when we stopped to get some breakfast on day 3 in Wyoming

Skye's victory dance.... YESS WE MADE IT!!!!

So yes we id make it to Idaho and now we are trying to get settled in and to get jobs here in Menan, Idaho. yet another adventure in our life.

Lily's Blessing

Too many Pictues to explain sorry. Enjoy!

Picking Pears

The past month has been very busy and crazy. We went up to Columbia, SC for the day to see Jason, Shiloh and the kids. while we were there we went to pick some pears at a friend of Shiloh's. it was a lot of fun.

Lydia climbing the ladder

Look its an Adrianna in a tree!!

peek a boo.

Its a bird....Its a its just an Odie and Ry-RY