Monday, November 18, 2013

Biker Baby

Reagan loves bikes. Motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles - it doesn't matter, she loves them all. She had her first motorcycle ride in Idaho with Uncle Cody. The entire circle around the well house at 5 mph was quite thrilling to her!

 Annnddd when it was time for her to get off she threw herself to the ground and there was much weeping and wailing.
 Cody took me for a ride out on some trails by the river.
 And Reagan got a picture with mommy on the motorcycle.
 Then in Mississippi Miss Reagan decided that she wanted to ride on the moped again (she had ridden it for the first time back in June). Oh the fun she had!
 And Grandpa made sure that she had a "righteous" helmet to wear.
And we're going to ride off into the sunset....... at 6 mph.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Edisto Day 5

 Our last day on Edisto Island! Since we had to leave around lunch time, mommy woke me up early and we went for a bike ride around the island. We were gone for a couple hours. We stopped at the resort and they let us play at the really cool playground!

 It was built like a pirate ship!

 I saw this cool turtle and ran to him! Mommy said we should play a game called "Putt putt", but when she asked if we could play the man at the resort said we had to be 'hotel guests' to play. It's okay, I had a blast at the playground!

 We took several bike paths on the island. Mommy liked this jungle path!

 Then we went back for one last beach outing before we had to depart. Mommy was carrying me out in the water when all of the sudden she started yelling and running for the beach.
 She said she got stung by a jellyfish. I like jelly on my sandwiches. Silly mommy!
 Since it got both of her ankles and feet, Nonna poured vinegar onto them while she sat down. I tried to help pour the vinegar, but then I realized I wanted to be like mommy so I sat down and asked Nonna to pour it on my feet.
After lunch we packed the car and drove home to meet daddy. He was so happy to see me! Oh, and mommy too.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Edisto - Day 4

 Hello everybody! On our fourth day at Edisto Island I woke up early and played with some sea shells that I found in the living room. They were fun to gather in the basket. Mommy said that if you hold one to your ear you can hear the ocean. All I could hear was my own laughter.

 We left fairly early to go down to the marshes to do some crabbing. We saw some dolphins off in the distance so mommy let me ride with her and Nonna to go check it out!

 I liked looking at the crabs in the bucket. I would point and yell, "A crab! A crab!" really loud.
 After we set the crabs free we headed - you guessed it - to the beach!
 Papa brought some fun kites that I liked to chase. Here he is flying a dragon kite! You could see it from our beach house.

 It actually scared a couple of silly pelicans!

 After we played at the beach, we went out for dinner. Mommy rented a bicycle and I rode to the restaurant with her!I loved squealing when the wind hit my face!

Another fun day!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Edisto Day 3

Hello everyone! Back to my adventures on Edisto Island. Daddy had to leave Tuesday night to go back home to Columbia because he had to work the rest of the week. :-( It was very sad. But I still managed to have a fun time.
 Wednesday morning we went to a place called Botany Bay. We had to hike out through a marsh to get there. Mommy said it was a "protected" beach and so I couldn't take any sea shells I found home with me.

 Mommy carries her silly eye glass things because she likes to look at birds. I'd rather chase them!
 I'm ready for adventure!

 Hikers like to put their sea shells on this tree to show them off since they can't take them from the bay.

 And of course I played in the water! I got my clothes all wet and sandy!

 Mommy eventually wandered off to go look for birds.

 I like to put my head in the water! It makes everybody laugh.

 The only birds I saw were the ones Papa calls pelicans.

 Mommy came back and told us she didn't see too many birds either, just a big spider.

 Speaking of chasing birds.... I chased this little guy all the way down the beach! (a plover is what mommy called him)
 After that adventure we came home so I could get lunch and a nap. Before my nap mommy took me outside and let me sit with her in the hammock. It was a beautiful day!

 While I napped, Nonna went to the beach to hunt for treasure. She found two tin cans and some tent stakes!
 After my nap we went to the beach to watch some baby turtles hatch and head out to sea!

 Once the turtles were on their journey we watched the sun set over the beach houses.

I'm signing off for now! See you back for day 4!