Friday, November 27, 2009

A Tale of Two Restaurants Part I: Lambert's - Home of the Throwed Roll

That’s right, the throwed roll. In a world of restaurant regulations, laws, and stipulations, Lambert’s is a time capsule. Once seated at a wooden table we were greeted by servers carrying pots, bowls, and platters of classic Southern victuals. As they offered us helpings of fried okra, black-eyed peas, macaroni and tomatoes, and fried potatoes I attempted to protest since I didn’t even have a plate. The first server said, “No problem” tore a paper towel off the roll, laid it on the table, and scooped out a generous portion. The other servers followed suit. We opened the menu to choose from entrees such as hog jaws, frog legs, gizzards, and liver ‘n’ onions. We decided to just order some fried chicken and fried apples. Our server, wearing the suspenders and bow tie and jeans standard of every employee, brought us water in gigantic mugs. Then the fun begins. Out came the cart of steaming hot rolls. Standing at the door of the kitchen you hear the cart pushing man yell “Fresh hot rolls!” From there you simply raise your hands in the air and before you can blink a warm, fluffy roll is soaring across the room to your waiting hands. Then the female server comes around with her pail of sorghum to spread on your roll. It was so much fun and the food was super delicious! The macaroni and tomatoes didn’t sound good to me, but Ryan got a heaping spoonful. I’m so glad he did. It was so sweet and good! The atmosphere is very laid-back country casual. Be prepared for sudden announcements over the intercom of anniversaries and birthdays. If you’re ever passing through Sikeston, MO Lambert’s is a must stop!

Friday, November 13, 2009

That's my dad!

The one and only.........


I really miss the moments. The Pancho Claus, the stale jokes, Armies of Helaman, etc.
Today my visiting teachers came over. I mentioned something about moving here in 1997. Susie Briggs said (amid giggles), "Your dad...I remember the first Sunday your parents spoke right after you moved here. Your dad was talking and he said that he and your mom had seven children because he read an article that every eighth child born in the world is Chinese and he and your mom didn't speak Chinese, so they stopped at seven.I thought that was the funniest thing!" She's laughing recalling this. I've heard that joke so many times. So over in the other chair Laura Schwendiman says, "Oh! I get it now. It all makes sense! When I first moved into the ward your dad and I were talking and he said he only had seven children because he didn't speak Chinese. He didn't go on to explain it though so for years I've wondered what he meant. That makes sense now!" Yep, that's my dad.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Can I Help You?

So today was like every other day: busy busy busy. I got home from school as the sun was setting. My cat, Toulouse, was there to greet me at the door. She was rather vocal and wanted me to follow her somewhere, apparently there was someone she wanted me to see. I set my back pack and my lunch box down and went into the courtyard. The light was dim but I could see a lump in the middle of the courtyard floor. Toulouse must have been stressed by it as she was tentatively pawing at it. I yelled at her to leave it alone and went to turn on the lights to confirm what I thought I was seeing. Sure enough, Houdini the aquatic turtle, had left the pond and the atrium and was on the courtyard floor covered in cobwebs. Where she had been no one knows, but that is why she is called Houdini. She appears and disappears like magic. Well, I walked over and looked down at her so impressed and dumfounded all I said was, "Can I help you?"