Sunday, May 11, 2008


Back in October we went to visit one of Ryan's high school buddies who lives in Charleston. These are some of the pictures from that trip.
This was a neat old graveyard we walked through.

I love the Spanish moss.

These are some pictures from when we took the ferry over to Fort Sumter.

What's left of the fort.

Some of the ruins of the fort.

This is Ryan trying to eat my face I guess. We're not really sure why.Here you can see part of the aircraft carrier Yorktown. It's huge!

Our House...Again

For some reason the picture of our house didn't show up so here it is. Enjoy!

Our House

This is a picture of the outside of our house. It's a quaint, cozy little shack but we love it. We don't have many neighbors and live off of two dirt roads.
The video shows what we found living under the bathtub while we were doing a little renovating. Apparently there was a hole in the bathroom floor that no one knew about.