Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Computer woes

Sorry I haven't been very good at posting. I lost access to the university library when all my friends left in December (yes, I was using their student id's). The public library has a time limit (plus I don't always have cash for bus fare) so I don't get much posting done anymore. However, we have ordered a computer and it should be here on May 2nd. Also, when I go out to Utah Jake said he could fix my laptop that crashed about a year ago. A few "computer people" looked at it and said it was fine, there was nothing wrong with it, and there was no reason that it shouldn't work but none of the Einsteins could get it to work. Well geniuses, if it's not working then there's something wrong with it. Anyway, I trust Jake to have more intellectual capacity and will at least figure out what's wrong with it. We know it got a virus and what we can guess (neither Ryan or I being tech savvy) is that the virus ate up all the ram or memory or whatever word Ryan used. It slowly died over several months saying it didn't have enough memory to store stuff, then it didn't have enough memory to run programs, and finally after I had deleted all of my pictures, music, microsoft programs, etc. it says it lacks even the memory to load a user profile. It won't even log on to my desktop. It's useless. Annoying.
Anyway so when our new computer gets here (actually it's an I-pad 2 with wireless keyboard) I'll be able to post a lot more. Fun stuff like belly pictures and the world fireknife competition (one of my webelos is competing in the youth category!) and the wedding, etc.
Oops, time limits about to expire. Later!