Tuesday, February 24, 2009

School Project

In my humanities class we've been studying art in all its forms. Paintings, etchings, drawings, sculptures, music, poems, and even photography. After learning some of the basic rules and elements (basically guidelines) of photography we were given a project. We had to take four pictures and hand them in. But not just any pictures. We had to have a portrait and a landscape and we had to choose two of the following four themes: Creation, Fall, Redemption, Hero.
This sepia of Cody was one of two I was considering for the portrait.
In the end I chose this color one because I liked the green in his eyes. I also like the angle of his head.
The landscapes were the hardest to choose from. Mom's favorite was this one of the trees, she thought they had "a lot of personality", which they do.

I couldn't make up my mind which one I liked best so I decided to turn in both. When the professor looked at me like I should have been joking I made a last minute decision to turn in the river picture as my landscape requirement. Sorry mom.
This is my redemption picture. It's probably my least favorite out of the four I turned in. It's the only one I titled. The title: Though Your Sins Be As Scarlet...
And lastly, the hero pictures. This one was Cody's favorite. Mom titled it "The Beast" on her computer. Nothing against this picture, it's an awesome picture, it just didn't match the picture that I had envisioned in my mind.
This is the picture I chose to submit because I liked the compatibility of strength (his physique) and humility (the act of him kneeling). I once heard that a true hero reaches his greatest height while on his knees.
So that's my school project. Let me know what y'all think.

The Further Escapades of Mowgli

Once again, Mowgli wandered off while we were cleaning his cage. This time he didn't go very far. Maybe he just wanted to be in touch with his wild side. See mom's rather hilarious post from December or November.

In memory of Daffy

I found some pictures I'd taken of Jesse and Kelly's adorable puppy, Daffy, back in November. As most of you know she passed away in December.