Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Reagan's Baby

Sorry it's been so long! I will have more posts later for Easter and the aquarium. With moving and Ryan being sick and the new baby it's just been very busy!

When Reagan first laid eyes on baby Jade (her new cousin that was born last week) it was a Kodak moment! She just stared at her reverently and then gently stroked her hair. Last Sunday, April 29th, the Lowry's finally celebrated Easter and that meeting between Jade and Reagan was hilarious! They set Jade on Reagan's lap and it didn't take long for Reagan to start chewing on Jade's tiny arm with her toothless little smile.
Reagan loves children and especially babies! So really the following story shouldn't have come as a surprise:

I wanted to buy Reagan a toy that she could treasure. She has several toys that others have given her, but she doesn't have one from her parents. I did some research and decided that Sophie the Giraffe was the toy I wanted to get for her. We went to the store and as we were walking around Reagan gave out a squeal of delight! I turned to see the shelf holding all the baby dolls. I looked back at Reagan, she was grinning from ear to ear and trying to jump out of Ryan's arms reaching for the baby doll. We took her over to the Sophie giraffe and I held it up for her to see. She couldn't be less interested. I held up the baby doll and she freaked out! Now was where I had to be the mom. I wanted her to want the giraffe, but she really wanted the baby doll. We bought the doll.

And she loves it! She talks to it all day long in her little baby babbling language, "ma ma ma da da da ba ba ba da da." It sits with her in her car seat, rides in the stroller, and greets her in the morning. She loves her baby!