Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween - It's Big

So Saturday night was the night that most people in this area celebrated Halloween. We went to the Halloween Bash at Turtle Bay first before going home to the trick-or-treaters. Eden was "Where's Waldo?", Hannah just dressed up nice, and I was Princess Jasmine... again (I love my snake bracelet!). They had music, food, facepainting, cotton candy, coloring and stickers for the kids, giant inflatable jumping things, and the stables were converted into "The Haunted Barn".
I love this picture! I like the way the wind made my outfit "poofy". This was right after we went through the Haunted Barn. Ryan wore his Moroccan shirt and my scarf. I would point out his sandals but he wears them every day.
Jarett looked pretty dapper.
Hannah really liked my shoes.
And then we went home. When we left for Turtle Bay at 5:45 PM, the streets were already pretty full. When we arrived home at 7:30, they were packed! You know it's crowded when you have trouble getting through on a motorcycle! Some streets were even coned off so no vehicles would try to drive through. We didn't realize that many people bring their kids to trick-or-treat in Laie because it's a pretty safe neighborhood. There were people from Kaaawa, Hauula, Kahuku, and Sunset. We were ill prepared for the onslaught of traffic. Our first bag of candy ran out within twenty minutes. Ryan went to the store and purchased two more bags, they also didn't last long. So we decided to trick-or-treat people in the ward (most of whom were also out of candy). We were informed later that Iosepa and Moana streets receive around 1,000 trick-or-treaters every Halloween! There's a family that orders 950 light sticks to give out every year and every year they run out. People also count candy (it's nice that they print it on the bags). Halloween wasn't a "big deal" in Idaho, but it's HUGE here! All ages dress up and trick-or-treat. Adults in costume have babes in arms in costume. They're so festive, I love it!
The best costume award goes to the Kester family: the dad (bishopric second counselor) was the mad-hatter from the new movie, the mom was the white queen, and their daughter Bella (who I teach in primary) was Alice. Their costumes were homemade so they were fantastic! I didn't get pictures of them because they were a hot item and everyone else was trying to get a picture with them!
Anyway, Happy Halloween!