Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Turkey Shoot

So Saturday it was time for the South's annual (?) Turkey Shoot in the crater. We all forgot to bring cameras but Katie South had hers and said she would email us some pictures.
We took the puppy with us and she seemed to have a good time. The gunfire didn't phase her one bit.

The men's competition: In this competition the winner was the one who shot the most out of 6. The only catch was that you got four singles and then the last one was a double. Ryan kept up the Cunningham name by advancing to the final round where you had to shoot at two sets of doubles. Randy South took first with Troy Hansen in second.

The women's competition: This was set up the same as the men's competition. Being the 2004 champion (I still have my first prize mini maglite) I was a little afraid that I wouldn't live up to that reputation. Turns out I was right. Mom and Katie South advanced to the final round and Mom took first while Katie came in second.

Speed shooting: This competition they just let the birds fly and the first to shoot 5 won. With Dad as his spotter, Ryan advanced to the final round and again kept up the Cunningham name by taking first. Who knows how far Dad would have made it had his gun not jammed. Tough luck.

Knock out: This one was interesting. Most of you know the rules so I won't explain them. It started out with six shooters on the line, by the time Mom's group was down to three it consisted of her, Nathan South, and Ty Hall. All of you would be proud of her and the way she held her own against the boys. Round after round no one was "knocked out" because all three of them kept hitting their pigeons. Finally after several rounds she was finally "knocked out" by Nathan and he advanced to the final round. This time it was Cody who did the Cunninghams proud by advancing to the final round. He put up a good fight but Nathan South took first with Derek South snagging second.

All in all we did pretty good with two champions from four competitions and always having a Cunningham advancing to the final round.