Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hannah's Pictures

So luckily Hannah came to the rescue with pictures of her own. Here's the gang coming down from the lookout.
Up at the lookout. Baagie & Scarlett, Margaret & Baron (yes thank heavens they've renamed him), and Ryan & Flaming Arrow.
I think Jarett has one of the best smiles ever.
I love the mountains here! The way Redman's mane is blowing in the wind reminds me of The Man From Snowy River.
See proof! I was there! My horse is Buttons, she can be a punk but she's a great little horse. And I have a soft spot for buckskins.
Hannah and Tommy Girl

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Birthday Party: Part II

So for Ryan's party he requested a pumpkin carving celebration. It was a lot of fun and everyone had a great time!Eden carved a pineapple with a tiki face. Then she started on a small pumpkin.
Margaret and Baagie hard at work.
Hannah unleashing her creativity.
And the cake! I forgot to buy candles so we just sang. He doesn't look 28 does he? I couldn't have made the cake without Eden's help! It's actually an ice cream cake. There's a layer of cookies 'n cream ice cream between two layers of yellow cake (with crushed oreos in the batter) and all topped with a very sweet homemade butter frosting. He got a lot of great presents including caramel corn and a book from me, kool-aid from both Eden and mom and dad, cocktail shrimp from Hannah and Jarett, a Vermont maple-apple curry we can't wait to try from Margaret and Baagie, and (the only gift not food oriented) an underwater digital camera from his parents.

Birthday Party: Part I

So the pictures are in the wrong order, bear with me. On Saturday, Oct. 16th, we celebrated Ryan's birthday by going on a trail ride and following it up with a party. The ride takes you up to the top of the mountain where there is a WWII military bunker and a phenomenal view of the coast! This is Laie Point.
This is a view of some of the ranch (the rodeo arena is kind of visible on the right). It's owned by the Smith family and encompasses about 600 acres, many of which are rented out as pastures to horse owners. It is home to lots and lots of horses, about 250 head of cattle, 30-some goats, about a dozen mangy sheep, and wild pigs, chickens, rabbits, and peacocks. And we can't forget the wonderful ranch dogs and a couple of resident cats. At one point the whole thing was a sugar cane plantation.
This is the view of Kahuku (that's where Turtle Bay is).
That is "turtle island" in the distance. It is down towards Kaneohe.
The group: Jarett & Redman, Baagie & Scarlett, Margaret & Prince, and Hannah & Tommy Girl.
Hannah & Tommy Girl and Jarett & Redman. Redman is actually from Arizona. We have about half a dozen horses that were brought over from there.
Ryan & Flaming Arrow (from the Flaming Arrow Ranch in Arizona).
Margaret & Prince. Prince is one of two recently acquired horses (they were bought in September).
Jarett & Redman and Hannah & Tommy Girl.
Margaret & Prince and Baagie & Scarlett.
This is the Koolau mountain range. I thought I got more pictures of it, obviously not.
The group arriving at the lookout.
On our way up to the lookout, a view of the pastures.
On our way up to the lookout. I was riding Buttons. I wish I had some pictures of her, she's a spunky little buckskin pony. To the left is the awesome ranch dog Cami.
The new babies (just born in June) with their mamas.
Ace. He's the resident miniature horse. There's another one named Candy but she wouldn't hold still for a picture. To the left you can barely see John's head. John is one of the ranches two stallions. He's gorgeous and muscular! The Smith kids use him for barrel racing. I was surprised at how big high school rodeo is out here.
This is the other stud Mailelei.
He is also a beautiful horse, but unfortunately he can't be ridden. He has something wrong with his feet.
You don't see this part of Hawaii on post cards :-)

Starting out on our journey.

Big Shrimp

Jumbo Shrimp!I know that's such an oxymoron, but these things were huge! Longer and bigger around than my finger! They make popcorn shrimp look microscopic! To give you better perspective, I put 10-12 regular shrimp on a skewer.

Campaign Time!

I have to say, Ryan is the best husband ever! Where did we spend his birthday, October 15th? At a campaign event of course! It was great! Ryan was not at all upset since the food provided was amazingly good. Halfway through the evening they counted over 600 people from the Hauula, Laie, and Kahuku communities. Not bad for a blue state. We saw a lot of friends and heard a lot of great messages! Duke Aiona, candidate for Governor of Hawaii.
Lynn Finnegan, candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii. She finished up the night with a beautiful rendition of "How Great Thou Art". I tell you, that wahine can sing!
Gil Riviere and Richard Fale, candidates for the Hawaii State House.
Gil Riviere, John Willoughby, candidate for U.S. Representative, and Dawn O'Brien. Dawn is a local radio personality for 95.5 The Fish, a Christian rock station. She was born in Tonga and is half Irish. My favorite quote of the evening, "Being half Irish and half Tongan I have a fiery temper and the body to back it up! Lucky for you I'm a Christian.... that means you have five seconds to run!"
I got to get a picture with John Willoughby. There were other things that went on onstage like hula performances and the Mt. Zion choir (a local Baptist congregation). All-in-all it was a great evening!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Curling my own hair!

Yes it's about time!It doesn't look like much, but this is the first attempt I have ever made at curling my own hair with hot rollers. And I'm 23!
I really was quite proud of myself!

Of course I had no hair spray so in this humid climate, within a minute the beautiful spirals were already drooping...

But I did it!

Monday, October 4, 2010

It's a rough life....

...but somebody has to do it.I thought I'd show you all the grueling work conditions Ryan and I battle everyday as we perform our jobs.
This is the entrance to the Turtle Bay Resort.
This is the Turtle Bay Resort lobby.
The lagoon...
...the pool deck...
...the jungle ambiance corridor...
(I nicknamed it the dark scary room)
...one of the many lounges. I used to ride the bus down to the resort and sit here and do my homework while I waited for Ryan's shift to end.
The wedding chapel...
...the ocean...
...more ocean...
...still more ocean...
...handsome security officer... Oh wait! He looks familiar...
Oh it's Ryan! Mom said once, "Anywhere you work that requires aloha shirts as uniforms can't be too bad!"
However, western shirts are the requirement for my current occupation as a wrangler.
Here I am in my saddle (thanks dad!) atop a horse named Stony. Jack is getting a bath from my boss Sarah Jane and Poncho and Jill cruise in the background.
Keana astride Buster.
Stony and me again.
We're taking out a group from Japan.
And we hit the trails again!
And we ride out into the sunset that just happens to be sinking into a turquoise sea. As I said, it's a rough life...