Friday, September 28, 2012

The Golf Date

 Hi, this is Reagan with a Family update. Mommy would do it but she and daddy have been pretty busy lately so I thought I would do it for them.(And they are having trouble updating on the I-Pad)

Last Tuesday Grandma Cindy came by for a visit and we decided to go Golfing.

I don't really know what golfing is, but we each got stick with a fat end and a colored ball. We hit the balls with the stick on some outside carpet.

 They were very pretty and at first I thought they must be candy so I tried to take a bite.

 There was all kinds of rocks, bumps, and hills on the green rugs and dad was good about hitting the balls around them.

 There was also lots of pretty blue water, but mommy wouldn't let me play in it.

My job was to run down the green carpet, chase the balls and throw them as far as I could.

Then to run and pick them up and run some more. 

There were some pretty rainbow buildings....

Mom and dad kept hitting their balls into a little hole, so did grandma. 

I got to walk around a lot.

   Grandma really liked the pirate ship.

After a while I found some hills to run up and down on...

And a little fishing village...

 I had such a good time. 

I can't wait to go again. 
I guess I should let you know that Daddy has started working at Dish Network. Mommy is studying a lot and she sometimes sighs and says things like...."I miss Hawaii", but we like living in South Carolina, the house is bigger than a large closet, which Mommy says is nice and I have made lots of new friends. The best part is I live near Nona and Poppa and my cousins so I get to play with them.
Aloha Friends - We'll see you soon.