Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mele Kalikimaka!

How do you decorate an apartment that's smaller than the average bedroom? Very carefully...You start by hanging jingle bells on your door. My visiting teaching companion gave them to me.
You hang up the wreath that some friends gave you. It's real pine and smells so good! You also hang up the Christmas cards you got in the mail.
And you trim the two foot tree with whatever you have. In our case... earrings.
And some candy canes from church.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Uncle Steve and Aunt Janell

Ryan's aunt and uncle came out to visit Hawaii for a week. They were able to swing up to the North Shore to spend Monday with us. They are from Orem, Utah.First we met them in Haleiwa where we had them try one of our favorite treats, rambuton. It's a fruit with a red spiky/hairy shell. It's similar to lychee (although Ryan and I think it's much sweeter).
Then we stopped by the ranch to show them where I work. This horse is Tommy Girl. She's in her own little pen while she recuperates. She was on a cattle drive Friday and was gored by a bull in the chest. We are very fortunate that the vet was able to come and stitch the severed vein before she bled to death. The wound is five inches deep!
She's a sweetheart!
Standing next to the office. Steve Lowry is Doug's older brother.

After going to the temple and BYU-H, we finished off the day with dinner at Lei Lei's over at Turtle Bay. We were joined by Janell's niece, McKae Joyner (Aunt Janell is a cousin to Wally Joyner for any baseball fans reading this). McKae is going to BYU-H.