Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Baby Care

for all you expecting mothers in the family and out there here is some words of wisdom to follow when it comes to the little ones.

The Rest of Orlando

Here's the rest of Orlando! A shark made entirely of legos at Downtown Disney.
Taking pictures after church.

The lobster-mobile outside The Boston Lobster Market.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pirate Golf

So after Aquatica and Downtown Disney we went to a steakhouse for Lily's birthday. It was around 9 o'clock when we got there so by the time we left it was after 10 o'clock. Well, Cody had been talking about going putt putt ever since we first drove into Orlando and I wasn't wanting to go to sleep with that steak sitting in my stomach so we decided to go to the pirate themed golf course right next to our hotel. We got there rather late and it actually closed while we were still on the course, but the ladies working there were very nice and allowed us to finish our game. Some of the following photos will attest to the lateness of the hour.

On guard!
In need of a belt.
In need of a compass (pssst Ryan, the hole's behind you!).

This is where they put the cheaters.

And this is where they put the losers.
And fated lovers.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Aquatica was so much fun! We were a little worried as we drove over there because the sky was so dark and there was thunder and lightening. As we walked up to the gate we were not so warmly greeted by hundreds of people leaving bellowing out that the park was closed. Well, we didn't drive all the way down there for nothing so we approached the window and asked the ticket taker if we could go inside. She looked a little confused and said of course we could go inside if we wished to wait out the storm. Cody asked her which attractions were still open. She looked at him kinda funny and said, "Well, it's a water park so basically,...the food is still open." We took some pictures while we waited.
After about thirty minutes the announcement came that the park was open. Let the fun begin!
This is Cody and me going down our favorite slide. It was so fast!

Here comes mom and dad!
Mom thought it was very fun! Even her hip liked it!
Let's go again!

Oops! This one is out of order! Cami and Jacob's big SPLASH!
I love Cami's face!

Little Brother

Pick a good one Lily!

The black and white thing behind me is a commerson's dolphin. They're a lot smaller than bottle nose dolphins.
The Dolphin Plunge water slide actually takes you down into the dolphin tank! It was pretty cool.

See the slide?
But alas, all good and outrageously fun things must come to an end.
There are no words for moments like these. That is why we have cameras.
I wish the whole family could have been here, but we'll come back one day.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sea World

Sea World! So much fun! Here's some pretty pink flamingos!
Here are Jacob and Lily trying not to disturb the "kraken eggs". They're actually glass orbs that glow in different colors and have eels in them. Sweet!
Lily and Jacob and... the Kraken! That was a really fun roller coaster!
Sorry birthday girl, you're too small!
Ryan and his funny face.
Birthday kisses.
Elmo and Abby's Treasure Hunt. Sesame street is weird. Maybe that's just because I've never seen it before.

For Kelly.
And that's why they call it a stud. The Budweiser horses are HUGE!

These birds hang out around the eating areas to eat the scraps people leave behind.
Cody and his scenic pose.

And Lily and Ryan join the picture.

Pretty scenery. Daddy was on the bridge but he left as I took the picture.

The oh so cool Shamu-mobile; complete with tail fluke and dorsel fin!
Ryan in the Wild Arctic exhibit. We went on a simulated helicopter ride.

Which way which way?
Shamu's stadium. I guess the video I took of Shamu actually performing didn't save. Sad.

Here's the crowd 15 minutes before the show started. Shamu is a huge celebrity! The place was packed! And we learned he even has his own dance move.

Me outside of the turtle pond.

We named this turtle after mom because its missing a limb. And it's a survivor.

This underwater viewing area had two kids in it when we walked up. Cody and I realized it was not meant to hold two adults.
Eww it's a scary fish. I'd throw it back!

Oh my goodness! The manatees are huge! They were so much larger than I had imagined! I thought these bronze statues were lying, but they weren't. They say their closest relative is the elephant, they are elephants! Just with fins.
And here come Clyde and Seymour to take over pirate island!